Our Vineyards

The Lipsi Winery vineyards collectively cover an area of around four and a half hectares where we grow the varieties Fokiano, Assyrtiko, Athiri, Syrah and Mandilaria.  

Fokiano is a vigorous and productive vine, resistant to disease and arid conditions.  One of the oldest indigenous varieties of the Aegean, it owes its name to the ancient town of Phocaea in Asia Minor and according to tradition was a gift to the islands, from the god Dionysus.  It has been used for generations on Lipsi for the production of sweet wine and we make 'Aposperitis', our signature wine, in the traditional manner,  from fully ripe grapes, picked and left to dry for several days in the sun to acquire optimal colour and flavour.   Our vision is to revive Fokiano and we are now able to produce a semi-dry rosé - 'Psilante' and a unique Blanc de Noirs- 'Anemomilos', from this rare variety.


Assyrtiko and Athiri are both well known Greek varieties ideally suited to the dry, hot Aegean summer and from which we produce 'Aloni'.  Assyrtiko has the ability to maintain its acidity as it ripens and yields a dry, steely wine with vivid acidity, citrusy aromas and a subtle minerality - it blends perfectly with Athiri, which has a softer acidity and flavours of white and yellow fruits. 

In our youngest vineyards we grow Syrah and an indigenous variety, Mandilaria, widely grown in Greece and ideal for blending.  These two varieties are used for our excellent dry red wine - Geromavro.