Our Story

It was back in 2010 that we first discussed the idea of creating a new, modern winery together, initially to revive and promote the local grape variety Fokiano, which, for generations, has been used for the production of the traditional sweet wine of Lipsi island.  As established local winemakers working individually, it made sense to form a joint enterprise, and after several years, a mountain of paperwork and a lot of hard effort, Lipsi Winery was finally born - in 2013 we officially went into production together for the first time.

We now produce three wines from Fokiano which show the diversity of this little known variety:  an award-winning dessert wine from sun-dried grapes, an excellent dry rosè and an exciting Blanc de Noirs.  Our portfolio also includes quality wines from the Greek varieties Assyrtiko, Athiri, Mandilaria and the cosmopolitan Syrah - all grown in our own vineyards here on Lipsi. 

We hope you have the opportunity to enjoy our wines and to visit the winery, where we look forward to welcoming you.


Manolis Vavoulas and Nikos Grillis